Hi there! Thanks for visiting Keto Recipe Swap. My name is Shilpa and I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas. I want to share my recipes that made my keto journey much easier with low carb meals that taste great. I decided to make this a lifestyle change to sustain the weight loss and amazing feeling of mental clarity that comes with following the keto diet that I started two years ago.

Shilpa Keto Recipe Swap

I got my start observing the great success my husband had losing 65 pounds in 6 months three years ago. I helped and supported him by creating low carb meals to fit his dietary requirements that came with keto. I discovered the vast options of delicious meals and decided to join him in the keto lifestyle.

I have found many of my favorite foods have a low carb alternatives. It is my goal to share the many comfort food recipes swapping out the carb heavy ingredients with ones that make them low carb.

I also want to share my knowledge and experience from the keto lifestyle as I believe it can be helpful for others struggling to lose weight. It is my hope that delicious recipes can help many others achieve success in their goals with this lifestyle.